Minister of National Defence Video Message for Bell Let’s Talk Day

Video / January 25, 2017


Wednesday, January 25, is Bell Let’s Talk Day. This annual event reminds us to continue the important conversation about mental health. On Bell Let’s Talk Day, every time you talk, text and join the conversation on social media, Bell will donate five cents to support mental health programs across Canada.

At the Department of National Defence, and in the Canadian Armed Forces, we are building a culture of understanding when it comes to mental health, and how to get better care for those who need it. All of us must do our part to fight the stigma around mental health issues, and remove barriers to seeking care.

Educate yourself about the signs of mental health issues, and share what you learn. If you have family members, friends or colleagues who are struggling, encourage them in their efforts to get well.

And sometimes we need help for ourselves. If you do need help, do not hesitate to reach out. You are not alone. Together, we must keep the conversation going.

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