CAF Story: LS Moreau hunts US sub at RIMPAC

Video / December 9, 2016


I was lookout at the time, and this thing came down so low I could’ve thrown a rock from where I’m standing right now and hit the plane.

While we were transiting towards the Middle East, we were actually buzzed by an airplane. It wasn’t a fighter jet; didn’t have any missiles on it; kind of brought everything closer to home.

So this kind of really hit it home, that what we do is still serious business, and things can go wrong in a really big hurry if we’re not paying attention to what we’re doing.

I’m Leading Seaman Christopher Morrow, I’ve done just under 7 years’ service. I’m one of the Sonar Ops on board HMCS Vancouver. We are the members on board that hunt and track submarines. For us it’s a little bit more difficult because our ships are just naturally loud. Submarines are just a lot quieter. So it is very difficult, it takes all the members on board to really assist us in doing our job. So we have different states that we will run in to try to lower our sound that we’re putting in the water.

We will be playing with one of the U.S. subs: I believe one of the improved Los Angeles class. She’ll be trying to fire at us, we’ll be firing back at her. So that’s pretty interesting, I’ve never actually had a chance to do it. I’ve gotten to play with our subs before; I’ve never had an opportunity to fire an actual torpedo. Not with a war shot, but it should be very interesting.

My grandfather was in the Navy during World War II, my other grandfather was in the Airforce, so it’s been something I’ve wanted to try. And once I hit about twenty-five, because I was a bit of a late bloomer I guess for military terms, I was sitting around one day, I had just gotten laid off and I decided what better time? So I decided to sign up.

I really enjoy the job; I can’t imagine doing anything else.

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