CAF Story | Ship team divers encounter a scary moment while diving

Video / August 11, 2017


I’m in the RIB just overseeing safety, and I see a massive pod of whales. And I don’t know really that well, what’s a friendly whale, what’s not a friendly whale. Is this some variation of a shark working their way right towards my divers? And just watching the look on their face, and I pointed over at the water as these whales are tracking right towards them, and that just… you know the picking up in speed and just coming right back to the ship.

I’m Sub-Lieutenant Sean Catterall, on Vancouver. I’m the diving officer, I’m also a Bridge Watch Keeper and I’m the unit public affairs representative. Our purpose as ship’s team divers is we’re here for conducting maintenance and inspections of the hull as well as the propellers. The Vancouver dive team got together with the Australians from HMAS Ballarat and took off to a place called Ewa Pinnacles. It’s supposed to be one of the best dive sites in the Pearl Harbor area. Did our dive, saw the reef, it was awesome.

We’ve been working a lot with Almirante Montt, which is a refueling ship from Chile. We dove with their dive team in Esquimalt earlier this year. So we do get to engage with other navies as we go around and it’s a good way of bringing the ships together at multiple levels. It’s really important that our navy and other navies get together and dive together so that we can kind of see what kind of procedures are similar. So that when we are required to work together for significant tasks like hull repair or inspection that everyone is safe and that there’s no miscommunications between teams.

It’s always exciting, day in day out. It’s always changing. There’s always something to do, always somewhere to be and things to see.

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