CAF Story: RIMPAC: Surrounded by metal

Video / February 7, 2017


Military personnel: …based on bearing 3 5 0, threat is C 801…

Rear-Admiral Scott Bishop: Yeah, I would say I’ve spent, you know, over 30 years in the Royal Canadian Navy and have had the opportunity as a young officer to be part of these big exercises here at RIMPAC. And I can tell you from personal experience that it makes a huge difference in the development of a young sailor or a young officer. Because you can work in simulators and you can put pretend ships all around you, but you don’t get the feeling that you get when you’re surrounded by warships, you’re surrounded by submarines, and you’ve got all these aircraft flying around you.

It's just a real world experience that is so precious to the development of a military officer. And I can tell you, when you think artificially or you’re trying to simulate how you might feel if you’re in a situation, you never even get close to what you feel when you’ve got all that metal around you, and all those fast moving aircraft. And I know personally, and participating in many big exercises like RIMPAC through the course of my career, I don’t think I would be the same kind of Flag Officer I am today if I had not had the opportunity to get those experiences myself.

For me it’s a real honour having all these young men and women here at RIMPAC who’re gonna get that kind of exposure. Because I know the value that they’re gonna realize from this experience.

Military personnel: … 8 0 7 5 …

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