CAF Story: RIMPAC: Col Molstad leads CF-18 mission from the front

Video / February 20, 2017


I wanted to be a fighter pilot because I thought it would be the best mix of a job that was very physical, but also mentally challenging at the same time. My name is Colonel Darcy Molstad. I’m from 3 Wing and Canadian Forces base Bagotville, in Quebec. And my role here on RIMPAC is the ATF Commander: The Air Task Force Commander in charge of all the air force elements: personnel and aircraft, which include 20 aircraft here.

I’ve had a fairly long career at this point, so I’ve been all over the United States, I’ve been in Europe several times. I’ve deployed to Asia when I was on an exchange with the United States Marine Corps. I’ve been to Hawaii a few times for RIMPAC, as well as for other things.

I got an opportunity to lead from the front and I flew an F-18 mission this morning. And it was a very challenging mission, but I did have a good time. And it was good training value. I did hold my own and I did Canada proud.

I love what I ended up doing. I ended up achieving my dream which was to become an F-18 pilot. I achieved that in 2000 when I joined my first operational fighter squadron, at 433 Squadron in Bagotville, Quebec. And I continue to serve now because I believe that I am making a difference, is the first thing. And because I love serving my country, I love wearing the Canadian flag on my shoulder, and I love to move our institution forward, and that’s why I continue to serve.

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