CAF Story: Nathaniel Lipinski: ‘I always wanted to spend my time out here’

Video / May 19, 2017


Naval Cadet Lapinski: When I came out to British Columbia and travelled on the ferries, and saw the Ocean, and even sometimes saw the naval vessels passing, I always, always wanted to spend my time out here, and the navy seemed like the best choice.

I’m Naval Cadet Nathaniel Lapinski. I went downtown to our Canada Place, and the recruiters there, they immediately told me to join the Naval Reserve.

Well right now, this is the end. This is the culmination of our course that they call “MARS 3”. MARS stands for: Maritime Surface and Sub-Surface Officer. Our position is basically standing on the bridge, working with all the equipment driving the ship. What we’re doing today is maneuvers, and that’s working with a bunch of other ships, basically driving around them. We call them tactical maneuvers because they’re usually used in a combatant scenario. Good stuff to know.

Lieutenant Edward Turner: This is a great training platform for them.  They have a bigger ship that moves a lot faster, more like a heavier ship.

Naval Cadet Lapinski: Doing the mathematics in my head, and adding everything up so that you can give a proper report to the Captain. It’s probably one of the more complex things, I find.

Lieutenant (N) David Noble: It’s always more fun to be on this side of the clipboard. It’s a lot of fun for me to actually mentor the students and get them to the level that we expect from them.

Naval Cadet Claurence Diaz: Ah, going into it I’ve never really been worried about the maneuvers, it was more so being at sea, getting back to the ship’s routine. I have a lot of trust in my team. There’s a saying that I always think of: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” And hopefully that continues to grow, as I continue to grow in my career and as a person.

Naval Cadet Lapinski: It was a very high stress, uh high stress examination, but in the end when you come out successful, you’re very, very pleased. Which I am.

Naval Cadet Claurence Diaz: I joined on a whim. I never really had a solid plan. Honestly, I didn’t even know I was joining as an officer, and here I am.

Naval Cadet Lapinski: Oh man, these…it’s like working with my family right now. I’ve known these people for…some of them, coming on two years now.  Just coming from a small town in Edmonton, around Edmonton, Alberta, I find just taking that leap of faith to join the Navy; to pursue that adventure, was an excellent, excellent decision, and I haven’t regretted it; I haven’t looked back once.

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