CAF Story | Capt Maciej ‘Match’ Hatta pilots 360 videos for Snowbirds

Video / July 19, 2017


Actually, funny enough, videos got me into wanting to be a pilot. So, back in the day, in Toronto, my dad took home a promotional company video and it had a Blue Angels music video at the end of that. I watched that once and then I watched it another hundred times and I was hooked and I said: “That’s what I want to do.”

I’m Captain Maciej “Match” Hatta, Snowbird 3 with the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds. I just love the freedom you have with wings and with the airplane if you… obviously within the rules and environment that we have that you’re able to float around. And whether in formation or separately, it’s just, it’s an indescribable passion for a thirst for being in the air.

I’ve had a unique experience in my life with all the vantage points I’ve seen, whether being over Parliament, or seeing the CN Tour rush past as I’m watching the boss’ jet off my right wing. I want to be able to share those views with as many people as possible. And we do have the claim to be the first North American jet team to use 360 camera technology. It allows you to see a bunch of different angles at once, and analyze the show that way, and airs and debriefs that way. But more so, it allows the people at home watching it to be brought into the cockpit. Whereas, we can’t unfortunately share this experience with a lot of people in terms of flights, we can try to bring them into the cockpit through the 360 camera technology.

I got turned around by a video I saw. That was a turning moment for me. So, if I can instil that same flicker in some young child’s mind or that same passion or that same “Hey, I want to try that!” Or “I want to be in that video one day!” If I can make a video that touches home to that one kid the same way it hit me, then that is ultimately my goal fulfilled.

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