A Royal Canadian Engineer’s legacy lives on | CAF Story

Video / October 20, 2017


I was at a Job Fair in London, Ontario, and my second choice was a Combat Engineer. For some reason I had such an interest, but I didn’t know why. And as soon as I found out about the story of my great-grandfather, that totally made sense.

Hi, my name is Master Corporal John Sugrim. I’m with 31 CER (Combat Engineer Regiment). I’m here deployed with our regiment, 31 CER, to assist and help with the Bridge built here, for the people here in Quebec.

My parents told me, “Hold onto this picture.” I didn’t know what for, but it was just that feeling, it’s like that sixth sense. My great-grandfather, Sugrim Latchman, was with the Royal Canadian Engineers in World War II. Well, when they told me I was almost in tears, because now I know that there’s a part of my family history that has been there. 

Sugrim Latchman is his name. So to carry his name through the family, we’ve adopted his first name as our last name. And sure enough, on his battledress he had the Royal Canadian Engineer cap badge. So that was like extra proud for me, because now being part of the Combat Engineer Regiment, like I mean across Canada we’re all one big entity. We’re all Combat Engineers.

 I only know very little of what he did, in terms of, he was stationed in Aldershot, in Europe. It’d be nice to know what he did or how it ended for him, and keep his legacy going.

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