60 Seconds with Lieutenant-Commander Paul Smith, Commanding Officer HMCS Summerside

Video / July 27, 2017


Lieutenant-Commander Paul Smith, Commanding Officer, HMCS Summerside

I’m not going to answer this one.

Hello, I’m Lieutenant-Commander Paul Smith. I’m currently deployed on Neptune Trident 17-01. We are in the Atlantic off the coast of Sierra Leone.


1. What’s the best part of being a CO on Neptune Trident?

All the people that we meet in the different countries that we’ve been to.

2. Now, what’s been the most rewarding work experience of your career?

Being CO of a ship, being able to go around the world.

3. What does leadership mean to you?

It means to me a great responsibility and that I get to command one of the best crews in the Navy.

4. Tell me three words that best describe you.

Father, husband, sailor. In that order.

5. What are your hobbies?

Watching basketball, coaching basketball and playing basketball.

6. Sens, Leafs, Oilers or Habs?


7. What’s the best part of being Canadian?

Being able to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces and being part of the best country in the world.

8. What’s the most valuable piece of advice you have received?

Always try to be yourself, try to be the same person every day.

9. What is something you’ve never done but want to do?

Last question. Alright.

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