60 Seconds with Lieutenant-Commander Meghan Marsaw, Royal Canadian Navy

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Video / July 13, 2017


Lieutenant-Commander Meghan Marsaw, Public Affairs Officer, Royal Canadian Navy

I am not a spontaneous person, so it’s just not going to go well for me.

I am Lieutenant-Commander Meghan Marsaw. I’m a Public Affairs Officer with the Royal Canadian Navy and I’m here to do the 60 Seconds Challenge. Ready?

1. What is my greatest fear?

Doing the 60 Seconds Challenge.

2. What advice would you give women considering a military career?

Do it today, you’ll not regret it.

3. What has been your greatest joy in your career?

Being successful and seeing the world.

4. Why did I join the Canadian Armed Forces?

I joined for adventure. I joined for an education. I joined for the challenges.

5. High-heels or Oxfords in uniform?

Well I never wear my skirt, so Oxfords.

6. What would you have been if you weren’t in your current career?

I probably would have been a scientist which is funny because I’m a Public Affairs Officer.

7. Why did you choose your specific occupation?

I chose my specific occupation because I do enjoy communicating with people, I like working on a team and I think there are some great stories that can be told.

And we’re done.

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