60 Seconds with Colonel Kristiana Stevens

Video / July 19, 2016


Colonel Kristiana Stevens, Commander Joint Task Force Nijmegen:

Col Stevens: The weekend after the Army Run I’m doing another 5K on Friday, 10K on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday.

Hi, I’m Colonel Kristiana Stevens and I’m the 2016 Canadian Armed Forces Nijmegen Contingent Commander and I’m here to do the 60 Second challenge.

  1. What do the Nijmegen Marches mean to you?
    It gives me the opportunity to represent Canada in a very elite, select group and retrace the steps of our forefathers when they liberated Holland.
  2. How much weight fully loaded does a CAF member wear during the Nijmegen Marches?
    Fully loaded, anywhere from 28 to 30 pounds.
  3. What is the best time of day to walk?
    First thing in the morning. It’s nice and cool and there’s less people and traffic.
  4. How long do CAF members train for the Nijmegen Marches?
    Most of our team start training in March and they have to complete a minimum of 500km and then do two 40K’s back-to-back with all of their gear. It’s lots of fun.
  5. What is a fun fact about this year’s Nijmegen Marches?
    This year represents the 100th Anniversary of the Nijmegen Marches and they actually have a Lap of Honour where they selected a 100 people out of 50 000 to actually march 100km in one of the days.

Off camera: That’s it, great, thank you! That was amazing!

Colonel Stevens: Was that it?

Off camera: Yep.

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