Recently completed operations

Canadian Armed Forces member

Learn how Canada has contributed to international peace and security through past Canadian Armed Forces operations around the world.


Canada & North America

Find out about humanitarian relief, disaster response, sovereignty patrols, security operations and more conducted by the Canadian Armed Forces at home in Canada and in North America.

Central & South America

Discover how our Canadian Armed Forces provided humanitarian relief, search and rescue support and relief aid assistance in countries such as Haiti, Honduras and Jamaica.


Learn about the many ways that the Canadian Armed Forces provided support to European countries such as Bosnia and Kosovo during times of hostility and instability.


Read about the many Canadian Armed Forces contributions to promote peace and security in Africa.

Middle East

Find out how the Canadian Armed Forces have assisted the Middle East by enforcing United Nations sanctions and providing humanitarian assistance.


Explore how our military has supported Afghanistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Cambodia and other countries with mine removal, humanitarian operations, training and more.

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