Family Life

Family life for all military families can be stressful and it is no different for Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit (CJIRU) members and their families. The high readiness nature of the unit can place an increased burden on families due to the limited to no notice deployment status of some members. As such, unit members are expected to have their personal and family affairs in order at all times.

This increased burden on family life is offset however by the job satisfaction, unit resources, and the resources and activities found in the community of Quinte. CJIRU members tend to have a high degree of job satisfaction, given the technical and relevant work they do on a daily basis.  The unit also maintains its own Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) representative who looks after unit members and their families.  This representative provides information on opportunities and the special services available to them. Additionally, the community of Quinte provides a wealth of recreational activities and community services.