How we conduct and support operations

Canadian Armed Forces

Discover how the Canadian Armed Forces conducts and supports military operations.


Operations in Canada & North America

Learn about recurring, planned and unexpected emergency Canadian Armed Forces operations in Canada and North America.

Operations in the North

Find out how the Canadian Armed Forces conducts ongoing operations to increase sovereignty, safety and security in the North.

Regional joint task forces

Take a look at the six task forces within Canada that conduct continental operations.

International operations

Discover how the Canadian Armed Forces protects Canadian interest abroad and contribute to international peace and security.

The Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART)

 See how this military team quickly delivers critical assistance and care during disasters and humanitarian emergencies around the world.

Support to operations

Learn about the operational support activities that are provided to deployed task forces to ensure effectiveness throughout their tour of duty.

Science & technology

Examine how research provides knowledge and technological solutions for the Canadian Armed Forces.

1st Canadian Division Headquarters

Learn about the 1st Canadian Division Headquarters, a fully deployable unit trained and enabled to lead CAF operations at home and abroad.

Thinking about gender in military planning and operations

Learn how the Canadian Armed Forces considers gender when planning, conducting, and evaluating missions.

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