CAF Story: Leading Seaman Langlais helped a stranded kayaker get to work

Video / June 6, 2017


There’s a large flooded area along the Outaouais River. During one of the day patrols we encountered a man in a kayak, who flagged us and asked us for assistance. And we went up to him and he was actually going to work. And he wasn’t… he didn’t think he was going to be able to make it with the strong current, because he has a ski injury. So we took him onboard and we took him to his car.

Over the last few days, Donnacona has deployed 21 sailors, and we went to various parts of Quebec. We helped ferry equipment and personnel. Helping with the sandbagging operations; just supporting the Army. It’s surprising, it’s, it's not something you ever expect to see in rural Quebec. It’s heartbreaking for these people. I talked to a few people and they were just… they said they’d never felt like they could feel so low. And… it’s, it really… It’s hard to see people’s beautiful houses underwater.

I’ve been surprised at how happy people have been to see us and to help us. In this community, you see all these neighbours; they’re letting us use their lawns. Someone just put down wooden planks so that we could walk around without getting mud all over ourselves. The people are amazing. They really pulled together in this time of need. It feels good to help out, because you see these communities and all the neighbours helping out and you want to pitch in as best you can.

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