Civilian Career Opportunity

An exciting and rewarding career with the Department of National Defence’s Materiel Group!

Here’s your chance to embark on a journey to an exciting and rewarding career with the Department of National Defence’s Materiel Group!

Is this opportunity for you?

We are looking for dynamic people, interested in a civilian public service position, to join the Officer Development Program within the Department of National Defence’s Materiel Group, in the procurement, engineering, technologist or technical inspector fields. The Program recruits eligible university/college graduates and students who will graduate by 31 December 2018 for full-time entry level positions offering the opportunity for  accelerated career advancement.

Who are we and what do we do?

The Materiel Group serves the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces as a central service provider and authority for all defence materiel and equipment programs. The Group manages equipment through its entire life cycle, beginning with initial concept, moving through procurement/contracting, maintenance and support and ending with disposal.

The Group is the country`s largest materiel manager and ranks as one of the largest business entities in the Canadian government. The success of the Canadian Armed Forces is intimately linked to the success of the Materiel Group. Products of defence procurement, materiel like ships, aircraft, trucks, ammunition, food, clothing and supplies, put military resolve into action!

Program Highlights

The Materiel Acquisition and Support Officer Development Program offers successful applicants the opportunity to develop the competencies and knowledge required to function in one of these five streams:

  • Purchasing and Supply (PG), a two-year, two-phase program;
  • Engineering (EN-ENG), a three-year, three-phase program;
  • Engineering and Scientific Support (EG), a three-year, three-phase program;
  • Electronics (EL), a three-year, three phase program; and
  • Technical Inspector (TI), a two-year, two-phase program.

Education Requirements

For the Purchasing and Supply (PG) stream:

  • Graduation with a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution.

For the Engineering (EN-ENG) stream:

  • Graduation with a degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, aerospace engineering, naval architecture engineering, software engineering, electrical/electronic engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, materials engineering, chemical engineering and other relevant engineering specialities.

For the Engineering & Scientific Support Technologist (EG) stream:

  • A three-year Technologist Diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution in a technology program such as: Marine Engineering Technology, Chemical or Chemical Engineering Technology, Naval Architecture Technology, Marine Engineering Systems Design Technology, Textiles, Clothing, Heavy Equipment, Aerospace Engineering Technology or Mechanical Engineering Technology.

For the Electronics Technologist (EL) stream:

  • 3-year Electronics Technologist Diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution.

For the Technical Inspector (TI) stream:

  • A diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution in a Technology program such as: Electrical, Electronic, Aerospace, Mechanical, Maritime, Software or Industrial Engineering Technology, or an engineering degree from a recognized post-secondary institution in a specialty field such as: electrical, electronic, aerospace, mechanical, maritime, industrial or software engineering.

What does the Program offer?

  • Meaningful work that makes a difference for Canadians;
  • Accelerated career progression;
  • Continuous support and opportunities for professional development; and
  • Opportunities for advancement.

Under the guidance of dedicated individuals at senior PG, EN-ENG, EG, EL and TI levels, you will be provided with solid leadership, personalized coaching and performance assessments supported by various developmental opportunities such as:

  • Practical on-the-job training;
  • Formal courses;
  • Focused assignments; and
  • Base and site visits.

Work Environment

At DND, we offer you a dynamic work environment. You will get the chance to be in a unique working space where civilian and military personnel work together under the same roof. 

The work schedule is flexible so you can carry on with your favorite activities and maintain a good work-life balance. You will also get access to free gym facilities within most of DND’s buildings.

What about career progression within the Materiel Group?

Once accepted into the program at the PG-02, EN-ENG-02, EG-03, EL-03 or TI-03 level and after successful completion of developmental phases, you will be appointed to the next classification level within your stream in the program. Upon successful completion of the program, you would then be respectively appointed to the PG-04, EN-ENG-04, EG-06, EL-06 or TI-05 level and on your way to further progression within the Materiel Group organization.

Other information

Rates of pay for various classification levels may be found at the following link: Rates of pay

Relocation assistance is available for eligible first-time employees of the Federal public service. For more information, please refer to the Treasury Board's Initial Appointees Relocation Program. Relocation assistance for existing Federal public service employees is determined in accordance with the NJC Relocation Directive. NJC Relocation Directive

More information on pension and benefits in the Public Service can be at Pension and Benefits

DND’s website

How do I apply?

For the PG stream (internal process), apply online at

For the EG, EL and TI streams (external process), apply online at

For the ENG stream, a process is not posted at this time.

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