Honours & awards

Explore the various Canadian military honours, orders, decorations and medals, apply for replacement medals, learn about recipients of the Victoria Cross and search historical award citations.


National honours system

Learn about the administration and evolution of Canadian military honours.

Canadian honours chart

Explore the various Canadian orders, decorations and medals and the sequence for wearing them on Canadian Armed Forces uniforms.

Medal application forms

Find out how retired members of the Canadian Armed Forces can apply for the initial issue or replacement of medals administered by the Department of National Defence.

Victoria Cross

Study the origins of the Victoria Cross and learn about the eighty-one members of Canada’s military forces who were awarded the Victoria Cross.

Canadian Army overseas honours & awards (1939-45)

Search the honours and awards citations from the Second World War by name, date, medal type and unit.

Honours & recognition publications

Discover publications that describe the Canadian honours and awards that can be given to Canadian Armed Forces members.

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