Harassment Prevention

"We all have an important responsibility to ensure that our work environment is harassment-free and respectful… Harassment and discrimination are poisonous to our workplace and impede our operational effectiveness. Our efforts in this matter must be focused on preventing harassment and discrimination from occurring."

Read the CDS/DM Statement on Harassment and Discrimination to all CAF Members and DND Employees


All in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have the responsibility to treat everyone respectfully and ensure a harassment-free work environment. This is critical to the operational effectiveness of the CAF at home and abroad.

The CAF does not tolerate harassment. The CAF recognizes that for the individual who is harassed, any incident of harassment is intolerable for them. From an organizational perspective, harassment is poisonous to the workplace and can only result in the erosion of team cohesion and morale.

The CAF takes to heart the well being of its members. Although the recent harassment survey results suggest that the rates are declining, statistical information notwithstanding, the CAF remains committed to ensuring the ongoing enhancement of harassment prevention efforts at all levels, thus maintaining a deployable, combat ready force.

Harassment Prevention and Resolution

The Harassment Prevention and Resolution policy has two aims: the first is the prevention of harassment, and the second, in cases where prevention has not worked, the prompt resolution of harassment situations.

Role of the CAF member

As a CAF member, you have a responsibility to create a respectful work environment and you have an obligation to your co-workers to ensure that incidents of harassment are quickly dealt with in accordance with the Harassment Prevention and Resolution policy.

Role of a leader, supervisor or manager

As a leader, supervisor or manager, you are accountable for creating and maintaining a positive, harassment-free workplace, of acting in accordance with the prevention and resolution policy when matters arise, and must encourage your employees and members to resolve matters without fear of reprisal.

Role of a Responsible Officer

As a Responsible Officer, you have overall managerial and leadership responsibility for ensuring that CAF members and employees work in a harassment–free workplace. You are responsible for overseeing harassment prevention in your organization. You are also responsible to promptly intervene to resolve any apparent situation of harassment that you become aware of, while remaining impartial, and ensuring that all persons involved in a situation or a complaint are treated fairly.

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