Health services

Access information about health services including medical care, mental health support, dental, prescriptions and physiotherapy for Canadian Armed Forces members.


Benefits & prescription drug coverage

Find details about medical, dental and prescription drug benefits.

CAF medical & dental centres

Find a Canadian Armed Forces medical and dental centre near you across Canada.

You’re not alone - mental health resources

Access mental health resources for Canadian Armed Forces members and their families. Read testimonials from members who have battled mental illness.

Canadian Armed Forces mental health services

Find services for Canadian Armed Forces members and their families to help with mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, addiction and stress.

Member Assistance Program

Learn about this voluntary and confidential service that helps Canadian Armed Forces members and their families with personal issues that may affect their well-being and work.

Health & wellness

Discover the Strengthening the Forces health promotion program that includes injury prevention, active living, addiction awareness, and nutritional and social awareness information.

Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR)

Learn how the Canadian Armed Forces trains its members to be resilient and mentally healthy when meeting the demands and responsibilities of their career.

Dental services

Learn about the Royal Canadian Dental Corps and its detachments across Canada.


Get contact information for physiotherapy services available to Canadian Armed Forces members throughout Canada.

Case management

Learn about CAF services, programs and benefits available to you.

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