Unexploded Explosive Ordnance (UXO)

Learn about UXOs, explosives used on military training sites but never exploded, and find out how to be safe when living or working near a UXO site.


The program – UXO

Find out how UXO program works to minimize the risk to public safety on former military training sites across Canada.

Working near a UXO site

Get safety information if you work near a UXO site.

School zone – UXO

Discover information for youth and their parents and teachers on UXOs, why they are dangerous and what to do if one is found.

Resources - UXO

Take a look at brochures, factsheets, activities and fact sheets on UXO safety.

UXO sites

See a list of sites across Canada where unexploded explosive ordnance have been located or may be present and are being assessed.

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