Employers supporting Reservists

Discover the value of employing Canadian Armed Forces Reservists in the civilian workplace including information, tools and resources for employers, educators and Reservists.


Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program

The Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program (CERP) will provide financial support to eligible civilian employers, and self-employed reservists.

Information for employers & educators

Find out about the benefits of employing a Reservist in your organization or school and what resources are available to you.

Information for Reservists

Explore the many resources and tools that will help you to work or study while serving as a Canadian Armed Forces Reservist.

Tools & resources

Take a look at these resources that include legislation, policies, guides, awards information and more to assist employers, educators and Reservists.

Employer support award nominations

See how your positive support for Reservists as an employer or educator could be recognized, or how to nominate your employer.

Executrek Program

Get an invitation to this program that allows employers, supervisors and human resources professionals to see Reservists in action.

Feature articles

Read stories and see photos of educators, employers and Reservists at work plus get the latest news from the Canadian Forces Liaison Council.

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